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(DEMO) Educator Social Emotional Learning


Picture of (DEMO) Educator Social Emotional Learning

About this training

Welcome to the DEMO version of Edgenuity's Purpose Prep Educator Social Emotional Learning. Purpose Prep Educator SEL is designed for the adult learner and contains 3 levels of training each composed of 4 courses.

In this DEMO version, you have access to some of the content learners will have access to in this program.

In the full version of this program, each course is built on foundations of micro-learning for professional development, including 5 to 8 hours of content featuring dynamic coaching videos, PDF study guides, FAQs (frequently avoided questions), call to purpose tasks for applied learning, podcasts, and personal reflections.

No scores are earned since the activities heavily focus on your own self-reflection. As learners complete each course they'll receive a badge, and at the end of the training they'll earn a certificate of completion. These accolades are not available in this DEMO version.